Hand Dryer Mammogram

So that thing that happens – you’ve got more Gin in your glass than you realised and tip it up to sip just a little too far only to get the contents of the glass bypass your mouth, slide down either sides of your face and down your front.

Those superduper Dyson jet wind hand driers are notably crap for drying off your boobs in this situation.

Now you know.



  1. huahuahuahua…
    now THAT is something I would have paid to have seen… 🙂

  2. Is that you?!

    • Foxsden said

      Um.. yes, thanks to my mate Anna who candidly snapped me in my moment of distress

  3. Sarah said

    Is that a Terry bolero?

    • Foxsden said

      Terry as in biking gear fame? No.. looks just like one if that’s what you mean but mine is a knit one from Zara

      • Sarah said

        That’s what I meant. Got a Terry one for christmas and trying to prove to my other half that I can wear it out as well as for cycling.

      • Foxsden said

        Oh sure you could…. there’s nothing that screams ‘sportswear’ or ‘cycling’ specifically about it..

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