Dipsy Blonde

Airheadedness from my Tween-age kid over the last week:

Cam:  “These binoculars don’t zoom anything in, they just make it bigger”
Us: “What?…. That’s what they’re meant to do”
Cam: “No.. I mean all they do is make it look like you’re standing closer to the object”

Me: “Cam can you watch the water filling this container and stop it at the 8 litre mark please while I pop outside to hang the washing out please?”
Cam: “OK”
Me: “Seriously don’t leave it because it fills quicker than you’d think – EIGHT litres, yeah?”
Cam: “Yeah OK”
Me: (Returning from outside to find the container at 10 litres full and filling) “CAM?”
Cam: “What?”
Cam: “What water?”

Wil: “Cam, can you go and clean the Guinea Pigs out please”
Cam: “What Guinea Pigs?”
Wil: “The ones that have lived in a hutch in our garden for the last 4 years”



  1. Mrs BN said

    ahhh – sounds pretty much like my life with Rowan. Bless them…. I spose.

  2. mrs hojo said

    yep all sounds noewmal to me


  3. mrs hojo said

    or normal, even, I was interrupted by a teenager saying he has no clean school socks, while I banged my head on the wall whilst looking at the clean laundry opposite him


  4. Urbanvox said

    LOL… I experienced that last week as I asked TB to keep an eye on Mr.A while I cot gim some juice just to come back and find him pying face down on his basket… the X-Box was more interesting than lil brother… hehehee

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