Beko DRVS 62 W Tumble Dryer

This has to be possibly THE most boring thing I’ll have ever blogged about. But I’m so fucking frustrated by this gutless, underpowered piece of shit of a *dryer* (and I use that term loosely)  that I just can’t go on anymore without ranting it out to the rest of the world in the hopes that it’ll save at least one person from buying one.

This is what Beko have monikored a ‘sensor dryer’. Now you’d think that was a good thing right? A dryer that has a sensor that determines when your clothes are dry enough and then stops drying them, thus saving your clothes, your pocket on wasted electricity and of course, the environment. Only it isn’t. Because in the case of this dryer the point that it decides your clothes are satisfactorily ‘Ready To Wear’ is approximately 5 minutes from being removed from the washer and tumbled around its minature sized drum in a damp cold breeze. And during those 5 minutes the ‘Clean Filter’ light flashes and the ‘heat’ stops.

Fair enough you think – if there’s lint in the filter trap then it may affect the heat (why? I don’t know) but ok we’ll go with that. Well I’d go with it if it wasn’t for the fact that when you open the bastard filter you’d actually struggle to find enough fluff to pack your own belly button.

I’m failing to see the economy and savings of ‘sensor drying’ here because in past experience of using a dryer a full load of clothes including jeans and towels is generally dry in around an hour +/-. In the Beko DRVS 62 W the only thing you’ll have achieved in one hour will be to have opened the lint trap 19 times to remove 4 hairs, snatch angrily at the heap of damp clothes and then swear profusely that you’re going to invite the CEO of Beko to your kitchen to dare to wear the ‘Ready To Wear’ items currently sat in a puddle of humidity inside this hideous creation.

Fortunately ‘Ready To Wear’ is not the only setting available to not dry your clothes. There are also preset timings from 10 mins to whatever which, from what I understood from the manual you can use if you have clothes that just need a bit more drying off (say perhaps, if they’d just been brought in off the washing line not quite dry enough to put away or have just been rolling around on the ‘Ready To Wear’ setting of this dryer for the last 48 hours). Only, guess what – even that setting decides that soaking wet is dry enough and switches off after a few turns of the drum leaving the clothes tumbling about in cold air and the ‘Clean Filter’ light flashing.

You also have ‘Delicates’. I haven’t tried this setting as I can only imagine given my experience of the regular dryer setting, Beko’s interpretation of ‘Delicate treatment’ would not only ensure no heat reaches your clothes and that the clothes are not subjected to more than 0.1g of unsightly fluff sat in the lint trap but it probably prevents the drum from spinning giving an all round dry factor of ‘Festering Sour Clothes’. In fact this setting may as well be labelled ‘Storage’. A place for you to hide your clothes between the wash and the wear. Much like the dirty laundry basket is a place to contain your clothes between the wear and the wash.

In fact that’s all I can summarise out of this rant.

Beko DRVS 62 W – A great wet clothing storage receptacle with annoying beeps, flashing lights and large electric bill.


  1. mrs hojo said

    I think I’ll come back later and watch head conkers to cheer me up!

    I hope it turns out you just have a duff machine because our sensor setting is the only one I use and it works just dandy :o)


  2. I always thought beko sucks… 🙂

  3. I have a Beko freezer and it sucks too. I can’t even open the top drawer.

    My washer drier has a sensor setting but it still seems to do everything for at least 3 hours.

    I guess you just can’t win.

    Head conkers… I’d forgotten about that!

    • Anonymous said

      I have the same problem, my washing is always just as wet and cold when the sensor is bleeping regardless of which programme i use, I have only had this machine since October 2010 and it is crap. I also have the same problem with the filter light saying it needs cleaning when in fact there is no fluff in the filter.
      I wear a uniform for work, as does my daughter so my radiators are always covered with clothes drying.
      I would not recommend this machine

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  5. madge said

    total trash, same goes for the dishwasher nothing but problems, problems such a shite make never again.

  6. julia taylor said

    we have the exact same problems with our Beko DRVS 62 W tumble dryer. You summed it up brilliantly.

  7. Owain Rhys said

    Just googled “tumble dryer”+”clean filter” to try to find solution for exactly this problem on our Beko DRVS 62 W. Found this thread. Dammit.

    • foxsden said

      Yes, sorry Owain.. bad news! You too have bought a lemon 🙂

  8. Pemby said

    i to have been unfortunate enough to purchase one of these “tumble dryers”!
    the thing i going to the scrapheap after just 6 months!
    it just cannot be trusted to dry anything properly..drives me nuts cleaning the filter when there is nothing in the damn filter!

    • Foxsden said

      I feel your pain!

      • steve said summed it up brilliantly.i have a drcs 68w that is a sack of thinks your clothes are dry in 3 mins and then mum was unfortunate enough to buy a beko fridge freezer.the compressor failed in six months.a brand new replacement did the same after 10 they are having trouble with them catching fire.turkish crap.keep well away.dont trust hotpoint neither,as they are now indesit.about the same quality as a good bosch or siemens and you will not go wrong!

  9. plymouthbod said

    love this! Thought I was going crazy. Exact same problem, left too late to complain due to being too busy cleaning empty filter.

    laughed out loud at this, and take comfort it my fault…..

    • Foxsden said

      No, you’re not going crazy at all…. Seems there’s a lot of us in the same boat with this piece of crap! Glad you had a laugh anyway 🙂

  10. plymouthbod said

    sorree, meant it is NOT my fault.

  11. David said

    If you have the light come on telling you to clean the fillter, but the filter is clean, it’s because the heater element has broke. the hot air gets sucked into the drum then passes thru the filter then passes the filter sensor, if the air is not hot the sensor thinks the filter is blocked as its the heat it detects not air flow.

  12. Colin Stone said

    Hi. Sorry have to disagree about the heater element not working, otherwise it would not dry if you pamper to the light!!

    Also just had to reset the thermal cut out as it overheated!!!!!!

    • Dave said

      how do you reset the thermal cut out as i am getting no heat in my dryer and before i go out to buy a new element, thought this might be worth a try

  13. Chara said

    When i typed this in to google, In my pissed off mood. FOund this and it had me wetting my self.. Fuck the dryer dont work this is enough to lighten anyones mood.

  14. David Thomas King said

    I too unfortunatley have one of these, and have just replaced the drive belt & the drum seal, and have now found that although drum turns well now, only cold air is coming out of exhaust!!
    Does anyone please know if there is a thermal cut out reset button, as I would like to try this first before I take a sledge hammer to it!
    Cheers to all.

  15. Hills said

    Brilliant I bought this heap of shite as well. Switch it on and it may work for five minutes or five hours, then it makes an odd noise lights go off and it no longer works. Five minutes later power comes back on and again it may work for five minutes or five hours. When it did work the F***ing filter light kept coming on and if I could find so much as an eyelash on it I was doing well. Sending the piece of crap back to Turkey, best place for it!!
    Any ideas on a brand that works?


  16. Anonymous said

    mine is shite but too it dries the clothes between the belt snapping

  17. Anonymous said

    Same here. filter light on all the time for no reason, wont dry the clothes. What a pile of crap!

    • Anonymous said

      got the same dryer every since i bought mine engineering been out twice it knocks all my electric out everytime i use it filter light on saving needs cleaning what a load of crap

  18. Hank said

    same shit for the piece of crap I bought……I thought of removing the sensor for the clean vent,but then I’d have to worry about the unit heating too much…..I WONDER IF BEKO READS THESE … they should do something to compensate or satisfy the consumer.

  19. Andy said

    I just bought a 2nd hand one..10 months old..worked ok at first..for one day, but now after four loads it is now playing up. Not writing it off yet as as it is not a total flop. Had two hotpoints ” Aquarius’s ” that bearings fell to bits on and heater elements fail…anyone out there got any mr fixed it idea’s that have worked

  20. chrisml said

    Yes -I too was googling BEKO drying times – and found this!! An absolute waste of money. Sadly it takes a few weeks of perseverence to realise that it is indeed a useless pile of shite. And by then one cannot return it. Anyone been on to trading standards??

  21. chrisml said

    Ooer!! I am really embarrassed but the external vent was blocked. This machine now dries clothes in no time.
    So to everyone who has problems -check the vent!

    I hope others read this

    • Anonymous said

      wheres the internal vent? ive looked inside but cant see anything! ……carol

      • Anonymous said

        sorry just read it again, external vent was blocked wheres that?

      • Anonymous said

        the external vent would be the big circle on the rear left bottom of the machine where you should have the long white vent hose attatched. If that is blocked or your hose has been folded then it will impede performance.

      • Rich said

        As an independant repair engineer i see a lot of tumble driers and hacked off people. However I would say approximately 80% of vented dryer failures are down to customer use issues, and not design failings of the brands.

        Blocked ventilation (such as external vents stuck shut with overconditioned fluff or hose doubled over) as stated previously this blocks airflow and therefore machine thinks its overheating so wont dry. If you ever get a filter light flash disconnect the hose from the back of machine and run it in the middle of the room on empty on a timed dry to see if it works ok, if it does its not the driers fault!

        Thermostat failure, this will eventually happen due to age, but its almost always due to the above occurring, or severe overloading, again causing the above.

        Heater failure, this is usually because a bra wire has been poking out the holes in the back of the drum and sliced thru the fragile heater wire.

        Poor sensor drying. So many people used to the older mechanical timer driers just bung a load in and try to sensor dry it. The electronics are sensitive and err on the side of caution so as to not overdry fabrics. You wouldnt wash blacks with whites on a hot wash, so why try to dry thin synthertics with dense cottons like towels? On a sensor program it will detect the dryness of the synthetics and stop. Our LG washing machine virtually spins my sports kits to almost ready to wear dry. They really only need 15/20 mins to air off before ready to wear! If using sensor drying, sort your fabrics so jeans/towels are together, and shirts/thin synthetics together, and say fleeces and light-med cottons are together. That should improve your results hugely. And remember sensor dry wont work with nothing inside for more than about a minute, and prob wont get hot either). Thsi is because to guage how dry your clothes are most machines will send a small low voltage electric current through the fabrics because water can conduct electricity, but will depending on how damp the fabric is it will affect how much resistance the electricity has to pass through (drier it is the more resistance) and the pcb then works out how long it needs. hence if a load contains a wet towel and virtually dry footbal shirt, the sensor will think the shirt doesnt need much time/heat and it cuts out.

        Wont heat up in the garage. Modern driers quite often have pcb sensor systems now, which wont work properly if the air temp around the appliance is below 10-16*c, because the sensor stat is too cold to actually allow electricity to pass through it. Its complex to explain on here but if you have this issue, take it into the house before you call anyone out and follow a empty timed prog test first.

        Hope this saves you guys a lot of frustration!!!

  22. shaun said

    i have had a beko sensor dryer had no probs with it till yesterday the drive belt broke not bad though had 2 years out off it will fit a new belt and hopefully it will do wat it was before dry with no probs

    • John hewitt said

      Mine has broken the belt twice the drum keeps getting stuck don’t know why is yours the same

  23. Jen said

    I have the same problem with the same make and have just googled the problem. Your blog describes it perfectly and at least now I know I’m not on my own. I am so sick of this time-wasting ‘dryer’. I HATE MY FUCKING BEKO SENSOR DRYER.

  24. TOMMO said


  25. Sar said

    Ah, late a reply as it may be I share your pain. Found the solution though, least for my crappy machine and I suspect for others too. It seems it is sucking fluff past the filter and into the machine, more specifically into the sensor area. So when the sensor senses the very dry fluff it tells the machine the filter is full. The sensor panel can be removed inside the machine by undoing 2 screws, carefully clear the fluff, screw back into position and yay it lives! so frustrating, only bought the crappy thing as the door is hinged on the right … *sigh*

    • John said

      Brilliant, had one of these for 18mths and generally ok although its definition of dry has some wide tolerances. But recently it just stops for no reason, always says filter needs cleaning, etc About to bin it but just took the sensor off and the back was jammed full of fluff. Quick clean and back to its usual picky self.


    • Harry said

      Mine just started this after a weeks camping, 7 wash loads, rain outside, little rad space in house, and now no tumble dryer! It’s worked perfectly for over 2 years in a 6 person house so I think it’s done well, if anything it’s always been OVER dry! I’m off to try your ‘fix’ now with crossed fingers, if not I think I’ll go back to the place I bought it, best £89.99 I ever spent!

    • Manuel said

      Thank you

      Great solution. 3 years running w/o an issue until today. Fixed in 3 minutes

      I love my beko

  26. C said

    Feel exactly the same, I spent 2 hours a day fighting with my Beko dryer, cleaning invisible dust out of the filter. Common fault with Beko dryers they are useless.

  27. Woody said

    Solution to my Beko DRVS 62 W not drying is as Sar said, the sensor was full of fluff. Look inside the machine between the bottom of the door and the bottom of the drum, there as a piece of plastic held in with two screws, remove both screws and the plastic comes off (be careful as it is attached with wires), vacuum the fluff from the plastic piece and from the inside of the machine where you removed it from, screw it back together. Job Done!

    • LEN said

      Tanks Woody. My DRVS 62 W was not heating, so did as you suggested and cleaned said sensor. Now its working fine, but for how long , I don’t know.

  28. liz said

    Well thank god it’s not me that’s thick then! I have spent hours trying to search for any other filters ( I have mislaid my instruction book) because the stupid light kept flashing the filter needs cleaned. This is definately a waste of space to buy, the person who invented beko can jolly well keep this most frustrated dryer on earth.

  29. Lloyd said

    As SAR said remove the panel and clean inside there! 2 years on no faults until this minor 2 minute fix issue, 2-3 full loads per day. 1460+ loads easily for £169 Bargain!! I do this clean every few weeks and no faults! Hotter and does the job!

    • foxsden said

      I’m glad thats worked for you… I’ve done it and it’s still not functioning like I believe a dryer should (ie, dry my clothes). I’m also not sure you should have to take a screwdriver to a machine every couple of weeks to make sure the dryer does what it should!..Not so much a bargain in my book 🙂

    • ms c said

      so glad i found the blog as i was ready to get a new dryer, after putting my head in the barrel and finding these screws and found the culprit that was making my dryer useless ,cleaned and replaced the screws and now working as it should.

  30. Anonymous said

    I too have this useless piece of shite, i have opted to have my neighbours baby blow on my clothes as it is quicker than the beko dryer !!!

  31. Anonymous said

    Was about to buy one of these tomorrow, thankfully I read your post so will buy another brand.

  32. Karl said

    I’ve been unfortunate to own one of these for a few years and have the same problems. Drum rotates perfectly, heater is coming on, not much of an airflow though?? Found the sensor inside a couple of months ago and cleaned it out but no different. I’m going to pull it out this afternoon and check right through the vent path for accumulated fluff.

  33. Anonymous said

    Hallelujah! I’m not the only one having problems with my crappy Beko tumble dryer. Seems to take 3hrs to dry on ready to wear mode and I still end up drying the clothes on the radiator. Looks like I’ll be spending my Sunday cleaning various filters & the Sensor, fingers crossed it just might work.

  34. agent orange said

    hahaha @this blog. oh soooooooo true all of the above negative comments!!! i too have this useless heap of crap.i had a second hand tumbler before i purchased a BECKOSHITO that i paid 30 pounds for off a friend who had it years, it did me proud no probs for 5 yrs but thought il buy a new to update giving my friend the HOOVER (to my regret).the new one just under 400 pound sounded great,with A energy,multi settings,sensor and 6kg as hard workin mum of 3 & a grandchild thought this would be answer to my prayers.belt number 1 snapped within couple months,belt number 2 couple months after that now on belt number 3 for how long ? blows cold hair,3 hours to dry a load enough to pop on the rads proper waste of time & money now looking into buying a new one im thinking blerks to a becko so now my rant is over i too hope i can STOP people making our mistake and purchasing this bag of shite.yours truly peedoffatbeckotumblersensormyarse x

  35. Matt Green said

    I was getting the exact same problem, so I cleaned the filter (which is the panel that screws off just below the door) which made no difference. Eventually I pulled the dryer out and it worked fine. From there I realised it was a problem with the air vent pipe & I simply made sure that when I pushed the dryer back in, I made sure the pipe didn’t bend or anything. It’s been over a week now and everything is fine.

  36. mike said

    Mine dries fine but is so bloody noisy and is stiff to turn by hand so I came looking for info’ on bearing replacement! Anybody have any experience here please???

  37. tyse said

    Thank you . Sensor bar had more fluff in it than the filter. £50 call out saved. Off to the pub

    • Anonymous said

      You are right. I also cleaned sensor bar back. Its fine now.

  38. Anonymous said

    bad machine sometime after cleaning and changing element and sensor told it’s pcb board gone

  39. Anonymous said

    i have the same problem just put a new sensor in £35.00 still no joy will tried the other filter thanks but still no joy it must be the control mechanism but it may need circit digram tto check where the prob is can anyone get me a circit digram? or should we cut our losses

  40. brian tonkin said

    had our crappy thing for more than 2 years driving the wife mad probably have to dump it and buy a new machine definitely not Beko cheaper than a divorce

  41. Jen said

    I have a DRVS73W sensor dryer. Bought it in November last year so its 9 months old. Always worked fine….until 6 days ago when it went on fire! This is not one of the recalled models. Lucky I had just switched it on when I smelt burning. My husband unplugged it & took it outside when the flames started coming up the back of the machine. I’m waiting on an engineer coming out today. PLS BE CAREFUL – DO NOT LEAVE THESE MACHINES ON WHEN YOU ARE OUT!

    • Rich said

      if you read the manual for anything electrical it always says “never leave the appliance unsupervised” which is just common bloody sense if soemthing has a heater in it when you think about it

  42. nadine said

    we too own a crappy shitty beko ours has just packed up no lights nothing only had it about 1 year … and i hardly used it …would like to say the ligths are on no ones home but theres nothing its just dead ..

  43. alan peed off with beko said

    Im forever cleaning the sensor and it s ok for the next dry and back to normal i.e. shutting down after 2-3 seconds, timed dry doesn’t get very hot either, absolute crap

  44. Have the same dryer and same problem. But looked up how to fix it tonite and found the manual and then this blog. In the manual it says to clean the sensors in the drum in front of the lint filter with vinegar 4 times a year. Never saw this before and am going to try it tomorrow, have the dryer 7+ years this is the only problem so far. Makes sense a little if you use softener it is inevitable it could leave residue on the sensors.

  45. CJ said

    Contrary to most views on here, this has been a great dryer for our family of seven. Two or three loads a day no bother, albeit only two and a bit years old. Have cleared out the fluff behind the sensor once – which fixed the problem with the machine thinking it was bunged up.

  46. Anonymous said

    Thank you to the poster who said to remove the sensor (screwed in with two screws). We had the ‘clean filter’ light coming on every 15 mins. Took this sensor out, it was absolutely full of fluff. Now working – 3 minute fix saved £200 for a new dryer.

  47. Marshy said

    What a good idea this blog is ….. Thanks to everyone putting their problems/solutions on here ….. I,ve gad mine problem free for 4 1/2 years, filter clean light coming on and clothes not drying, sane problem as almost everyone….. Will try all the ‘fixers’ and report back on results…. Thanks to a hilarious and informative post :))

  48. Hurrah, that’s what I was exploring for, what a stuff!
    present here at this blog, thanks admin of this web page.

  49. You made me feel better about my anger toward my Beko dryer! It does not even attempt to dry clothes- how can the sensor say it is dry when they are soaking wet?! Having a bit of trouble adjusting to smaller, less effective UK appliances after moving from the US (yes, i know they are more energy efficient but that doesn’t matter to me if they don’t work AT ALL!) But this Beko dryer is driving me insane! I hang my clothes out when I can, but in Scotland, that is not a daily solution. Thanks for the rant!

  50. ian said

    For no vented beko dryers (condensers) its general the water pump that has failed and the float switch has activated the heater shut down microswitch.

  51. nicola said

    My poxy tumble is doing the same but it’s not drying clothes so how do I go about getting a new tumble bec this isn’t good Enuf

  52. Jenny Rodway said

    Hi I have one of these crazy Sensor dryers and right from the start its has never dried on any of my settings. I bought mine in 2012 it was under a year old so I had an engineer out to it. He took one look at it and after taking it apart his comment was he had never seen one like mine before and that he didn’t have a clue how it worked. Great I thought now what anyway he thought the heater had gone, he was just putting the order through and he was told to put some kind of tester on it. He did this and then said there was nothing wrong but advised me to just use the timer on it for a few times. I paid more to have a Sensor machine and the stupid thing is this chap said he didn’t trust the Sensor machines anyway so I may as well forget about using anything other than the timer. On one occasion I put it on the longest timer and my cloths were so hot that I couldn’t hadle them anyone else come across this problem. My friend has another make and hers dries a full wash and if she wants cupboard dry then that’s what she gets. No messing about with hidden things to clean my book dosnt say anything about taking the Sensor out and finding loads of fluff behind it. These items are not cheap and we certainly don’t expect this kind of rubbish to have to live with for years till we can afford to replace it. I feel sorry for us all who are stuck with these awful machines

  53. jeet said

    I have the best dryer..@J@…winter on radiators summer outside

  54. jeet said

    what can Turkey produce?
    only fu**** terrorist

  55. Anonymous said

    What a load of shit I inherited mine ,it was almost new we sold our faithfull old dryer thinking this would be better ,but no it takes4 hours to dry a 5kg load I’ve never known such a biggist load of crap

  56. Anonymous said

    Anyone know why my Biko won’t fill water tank up. It dries ok but no water in tank

    • Andy Robus said

      Most probably pump needs replacing at bottom right of machine in white container with 2 pipes coming out of it- they stick or fail .

  57. i have been disappointed with this drier from the beginning it constantly says that the filter is full but when I check there is hardly anything in it, it has now stopped working just as I need it, the drum is still going round but it is not dying, as previous people have said I am reluctant to buy another beko what a shame as they are one of the only companies who will insure it in the garage.

  58. Miki said

    Had the same problem after my Beko dryer worked efficiently for 7 years!
    There is simply solution. Just clean condenser box, in a right bottom corner. Check this video, box cleaning is at 1:40

    This is a photo of Beko’s condenser box unit:

    I use to regularly clean mine, but after some time I forgot and machine shows same symptoms…

    I’m engineer, have big house and i have few brand name dryers but in my opinion, Beko is far superior in solutions they use. Maybe they don’t use best materials, but they have really nice engineering solutions applied.

    I use my Beko to dry towels and shits. I use my Miele to dry expensive business shirts and LG to dry other cotton stuff, full of fibers, synthetics etc…
    And always dry same type of garments together!

  59. Paul said

    We have this dryer and my wife and I have nearly wetted ourselves reading this… It’s so true! I have been trying to fix the thing thinking it was just my machine. I think I will give up and use the hairdryer instead… Be quicker!

    • Anonymous said

      Good call!

  60. Frustrated said

    Totally agree. I am here after finally searching the web for an answer as to WHYYYYYYYYY my filter needs cleaning and my clothes are wet ALL the time. Crap machine

    • Frustrated said

      have just unscrewed and removed the said plastic panel inside of machine and it had lint in it, fingers crossed this works !

  61. Neil Harris said

    Came across your blog while looking up DR62W problems. We have had one for 8 years and it is brilliant. It dries mixed loads perfectly, and has done so even when used for 6 loads a day for a week. Lives outside in a garage, clean the fluff filter every load, if it stops drying wipe the sensor bar with vinegar. Occasionally I rotate the programme switch round a few times to clean the contacts. So why was I looking up problems? Well I switched it on and it would not start and the stop/pause/cancel button was flashing. So I googled, found how to reset the electronics by pressing power and buzzer button for around 10 seconds and it is off and running again.
    When we bought this drier, the saleswoman recommended we take out an extended warranty saying “These ones don’t last mush more than a year” We declined. 8 years on we can honestly say it’s the best dryer we have ever had, and if it blew up tomorrow we would have had our moneys worth out of it

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