So I sent them the first email back at the end of March complaining the item I bought was fake and that I wanted the transaction cancelled.

They replied ‘we’re sorry you haven’t received your item’

Me: ‘No.. it’s not that I haven’t received it… I’ve found out it’s fake, I don’t want it’

Ebay: ‘You’re bound by the contract your winning bid places you under, there’s not much you can do’

Me: ‘hang on a minute, I’ve spoken to a previous winning bidder who, according to the good feedback she left, states she got her transaction cancelled by the seller (before she paid) after finding out the item was fake – the seller told her it was fake and agreed to cancel the bid. Then the idiot buyer left her good feedback making it look like an exchange of goods had happened and she was pleased with the item she bought. In the meantime the seller relisted the same item again and I won it. Now since the item is fake, the seller knows it’s fake she’s also knowingly listed it under the BRAND NAME which is wrong and contravenes with copyright. Would you like to sort this issue out or would you like me to contact *Super Huge Powerful Corporation* directly? Because I’m pretty sure they’d be quite hot on dealing with such a complaint since you’re allowing this breach of their copyright to continue on your website despite being informed about it.’

Ebay: ‘We’re sorry, we can not respond to your query because the email address you have emailed us from does not match the registered address for this user name. Please answer the following security questions so we can deal with your query – Date of birth, address, full name, email address registered with Ebay’

Me: ‘You are kidding me right? You’ve just answered two other emails I sent previously without worrying about my email address!? Right I’m registered with, I can’t help the fact that when Gmail transmit my email they change it to but surely you can make the correlation here right? Gmail/Googlemail SAME THING…

Ebay: ‘We’re sorry you have not received your item. Please wait for 3 days after the estimated delivery date to file a dispute in the resolution centre. Meanwhile you can get the contact details for the seller and we suggest you call them. Most disputes can be rectified quickly with a friendly phone call………’

So I request the sellers information and in return to ‘keep things *FAIR*’ Ebay give her my contact information and phone number. I call the seller but unsurprisingly find the number is not in use.

So, having sent 3 emails to the seller and found her profile on Facebook, thus confirming the email address and the fact that she’s out on the lash with the girls that night (glad I’m funding that) – I decide to wait it out until April 21st which is the 3rd day after the estimated delivery date, to file a claim.

In the meantime I sent an email to another seller that I bought something off that I was beginning to think was taking a long time to arrive – although, it was coming from the USA and we’d had Easter in the middle so I wasn’t too worried. The seller quickly responded confirming my thoughts about Easter delaying the post and said if I’d not heard anything by the 19th April to let her know and she’d chase it up. On Saturday the item arrived and I left her good feedback.

Then, yesterday April 19th I received an email from Ebay stating that due to a breach of Ebay listing policies an item (the fake one I’d been complaining about) had been removed from their listings. And that if I’d won and paid for this item – I was not legally bound due to the breach and that I could ask for a refund.

Excellent news I thought..maybe they finally took notice of my serious email threatening them with *Super Huge Powerful Corporation* and laid the smack down on the dodgy seller. I responded quickly by phoning Ebay on the number they’d given me previously and asked them to file the dispute with the seller to get my money back. Only while I was on the phone with the chap with a Scandinavian accent things once again seemed ridiculous.

Him: ‘So you would like to file a dispute for an item you haven’t received?’

Me: ‘No.. I would like to receive a refund for an item that was listed in breach of Ebay’s policies and that I am no longer obliged to pay for, but I’d already paid for it, therefore want my money back’

Him: ‘But have you received it?’

Me: ‘No, but I don’t want to receive it either. It’s a fake, I’d paid for it before I realised and now I’d like to get my money refunded as according to your Buyer Protection I qualify for protection’

Him: ‘Have you contacted the seller’ Me: ‘Yes, I contacted her now 4 times, no response. Tried calling her via the phone number I got from Ebay – it’s no longer in service. Ebay have clearly admitted the listing was wrong since they have removed it for breach of policies. I’d just like to get a refund please’

Him: ‘Ok, let me enter the details here. I can only put down that you haven’t received the item’

Me: ‘Right.. do whatever, as long as it results in my pocket being £370 better off’

He files the dispute and I get an email confirming the dispute has been filed – which I simply look at the subject heading and then flag to retain in my email inbox for follow up as I guess this won’t be a simple process.

This morning I have an email which I’m stunned to see the subject heading for: ‘EBAY – SELLER HAS RESPONDED’ As I begin to read the email I’m disheartened and angry at what I see – the seller apologises for my not receiving the item and has contacted her insurance company to rectify the problem that we’d spoken about via email. That she would get back to me as soon as she’s heard from them. And again apologises.

This would have been great stuff HAD IT NOT BEEN FROM THE WRONG BLOODY SELLER. Now the utter dipshits at Ebay had not only insisted on filing my dispute for the wrong reason, but filed it against the lovely lady I bought the other item off which I’d received on Saturday. She must have been utterly flabberghasted to receive that complaint! Of course I immediately emailed her apologising and copied her into an email to Ebay asking them to clear that complaint from her record and file it against the right seller.

The saga continues and I’m sure the next communication I receive from the idiots at Ebay will be something along the lines of ‘We’re sorry, despite the fact you’ve responded directly to an email we sent you, you’ve emailed us from an account that isn’t associated with your Ebay account’

Right I’m off to search Ebay for ‘Stupid Employees’ because they must be getting them from somewhere…


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