The Pyromaniac’s Guide To Birthday Cake Candle Lighting

Some time ago after returning home to find a large burn mark in the middle of my new bathroom mat only to discover Cameron had been lighting candles in the house while we were out and accidently dropped one on the mat, I hid all the candles, lighters and matches in the house.

Unfortunately when it came to digging out the birthday candles and a method of lighting them I came a little unstuck because I couldn’t remember where I packed them all away to hide them from the boy.

Just when we thought he was going to have to pretend to blow out imaginary candles I managed to cobble together 10 pre-used cake candles (2 fewer than we needed) and the camping gas stove which has a self-contained ignition!

Of course I forgot one of the golden rules of using a camping gas canister


Just as the kitchen nearly goes up in a ball of angry sideways camping gas flames, the irony of what I’m doing suddenly sets in and herein lie the example of where that child got his firestarter ways.



  1. Mrs Hojo said

    he he he heeeeee Happy Birthday :oD

  2. Vic said

    I bet they’ll never let you forget it!

  3. Wes said

    lol, that was awesome! Loved the, “oh shit!” part.

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