Put That In Your Pasta And Smoke It

After setting down a plate of ‘Middle Eastern Pasta Salad’ in front of Wil he put down his fork and disappeared into the kitchen, returning with a bottle of Smoked Chipotle Tabasco Sauce and promptly began smothering the pasta with it.

ME: “I can’t believe you’re doing that”

WIL: “Why?”

ME: “Because I spent time and effort adding the delicate flavourings to that pasta to make it taste like it does and you’ve just bastardised it with smoked hot sauce. Next time I’ll give you a plate of plain boiled pasta”

WIL: “You do that, and I will add a delicate flavourings……….. and then smother it in smoked tabasco, just to spite you”



  1. Hehehe. I can relate to Wil. Ash spends ages making these vegan delights and I always dump heaps of tuna all over mine. Pisses him off no end! One time he even stormed off to eat in the garden shed so he could enjoy his delicate flavours and aromas and avoid the tuna smell.

    • Although, having said that, he also smothers my meals in sweet chilli sauce, so meh!

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