Today Has Been Like…

……one of those landings on an aeroplane where it hits turbulence on the descent and for several moments as you watch the landscape grown beneath you, you wonder if you’re going to smash violently into the tarmac and die a fiery death whilst the oversized suitcases and bags stowed by people who managed to smuggle on more cabin baggage than the allowed amount burst out of the overhead lockers and strike you about the face and head and possibly in the teeth (who wants snapped teeth?). Then finally after an initial large thud onto the ground, a weightless feeling followed by two bounces all three wheels seem to bond with the runway and rumble along the strip steadily and you now know everything is ok.

You’re not going to die and your teeth are intact.


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  1. Very glad you’re still ok. I’m not sure I could do without the updates now.

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