Nana? Is That You?

At the weekend I went to the cemetery to see Nana and the flowers she’d been left a week ago at her funeral. I hadn’t been at the funeral but my mum had put together a hand tied bunch of Lillies and signed them from me, Cameron, my brother and herself – the only people who regularly visited Nana and took care of her when she needed it. The rest of the family found it too much effort.

I placed a bunch of Sunflowers at the base of the temporary marker post where flowers could be left until Nana’s ashes were placed in her permanent resting place elsewhere in the grounds of the Crematorium.

I took the photo with Hipstamatic on my Phone but none the less was taken aback when I viewed the photo later to find a mystical glow of light beaming directly down on the right hand side of the photo straight onto the flowers that my mum had left, wrapped with a red bow.

Camera effects or not, what a perfect photo and it makes me smile every time I look at it.



  1. nutty mummy said

    That’s so lovely x I like to think there’s something beyond…

  2. A really beautiful story. For some, the good that they do lives after them.

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