Alton Water Duathlon 2010

Just sticking this here for my future reference really…

Completed the Alton Water Duathlon this morning and won 1st place in my category and came 10th out of 23 ladies. The difference in the timings from the last time I completed this event in 2008 are the bit I’m most pleased about..

2008 – 25.58 / 57.20 / 28.43 – 1.52
2010 – 24.13 / 48.07 / 26.10 – 1.38

It’s a good feeling to put in the work and see the benefits.



  1. That is very impressive:-) well done! Time for a rest now?

    • foxsden said

      What? And let my unsightly Madonna arms morph into something more attractive? 🙂 Well I have another mountain bike race in October and a couple more running races I’m interested in during November and I’m hoping there will be another Duathlon in November at Thetford Forest but no announcement as yet so maybe not. I’ll rest when it gets really cold and mucky outside.

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