I spent a few glorious hours gliding around the countryside on my motorbike yesterday. The bike very suddenly has worn into a state where the controls no longer feel new and stiff and they move smoothly when pressed or pulled. The engine is making a slightly different sound as it revs and along with the gains in my riding skills and confidence I can really sit back and enjoy the whole thing without thinking too much about changing gear or which control is the brake – things you tend to constantly remind yourself of as you ride along directly after passing your test.

Fortunately the crappy weather of winter is not far around the corner and this is perfect timing for me to put the bike away before I become over confident. On Saturday I came up to a left hand bend that I’d forgotten was so sharp and the speed at which I approached it caused me some surprise. Not entirely the fault of my attention but partly due to another road continuing straight ahead from the bend making it look like the bend wasn’t there. I ended up on both brakes in a straight line through the bend and reached the other lane before locking the back wheel to skid to a halt. Fortunately for me it was one of those moments that reminds one to keep humble to the machine under ones arse. For future moments I shall be learning skills like these…….


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  1. Bro said

    I’ve done that before, although on a right hander so the brakes saved me from going into a hedge…

    Weather was great yesterday afternoon – I was on a BikeSafe ride – £10 and you have a motorcycle cop assess your riding and tell you where you can improve. 3 of us and the cop, out for 3 hours following the morning ‘classroom’ session – well worth it.

    Plenty of glorious crisp sunny days ahead – don’t put the bike away just yet!

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