Aiken, South Carolina – USA

10 years ago I lived here in this town… I spent my entire 20’s living and working here and for me it’s a place I call my second home. I did a lot of growing and learning here, Cameron was born in this area, I had great jobs but also very difficult times but I wouldn’t change a thing. The summers are blisteringly hot and humid beyond belief but this time of year is beautiful in every sense. Cool crisp mornings and evenings, bright sunny days warm enough you don’t need a coat and the air tinted with the smell of trees or horses depending which direction the wind is blowing! Down town is a grid of historic facades and massive southern style wooden houses with circular driveways and sweeping wrap around porches complete with bushy fern plants bursting from hanging baskets twitching gently in the breeze.  Red dirt roads outline large green horse racing tracks and polo fields and large ancient oak trees form tunnels over the roads. Every day I’ve been out on my bike or taken off for a run around these roads and each time just stopped in various places to soak it all in.

This weekend the temperature dipped to freezing and Housemate lit a fire.. the following day I cranked out 40 miles on my bike with a couple from Nevada before stopping at the cafe in town for ice tea and a large fat blueberry muffin.


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