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Not A Bad Season

I returned from the bike club ride this morning to an email from my running club asking me to attend an awards evening next week. Apparently there is a nice shiny trophy with my name engraved on it awaiting my return for winning the 35+ Vet Category Time Trial Club Championships this summer!  It hadn’t even crossed my mind that I’d done so well so this was a very pleasant surprise. Needless to say I won’t be there to collect it in person but I might record a message they can play on the big screen.. you know, sorry I can’t be there.. I’m in LA recording right now..

I’m kidding.

Thinking about it,  considering I really didn’t put my full efforts into training for anything this year I had a great year picking up a couple of 2nd and 3rd places in my Mountain Bike series, 1st place in cat for the duathlon and 1st place in cat for the time trials.

I’m very proud of those unexpected achievements and I can’t wait to see what I’m capable of when I really put my mind to it next year.


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Knackered – With a capital N

Met the guys at the cafe this morning and sucked down a coffee before heading off on the bikes. It was a bright sunny start to the day, although brisk enough at first to warrant arm warmers and two layers on top. After an hour the temp had jumped from a single digit to a very welcome 18c. Sky was blue and trees were stunning shades of yellow, orange, red, purple and green in the sunlight. It was a hard ride on a very undulating route of 40+ miles over 2 hours and the guys were on form with attacks and sprints at every opportunity. I just tucked in on the back and gave it everything I had just to keep up! I think they felt bad about shooting off on attacks with eachother but there’s nothing wrong with being the girl at the back when you’ve got a group of fit guys clad in lycra up ahead..

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Watch This!

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A fitting video for me to post since I’ve been going through some ‘trials’ of my own recently – albeit not the biking kind.

I spent many entertaining hours over the years watching an Ex perfecting his bike trials moves. I’d stand there shouting ideas and encouragement for the next move he could learn, taking photos and kissing the enevitable scraped and bruised shins better! It’s not a skill learnt without a barrell full of injuries and swear words.  For me being the kind of person who wobbles about just turning to look for traffic over her shoulder I find it awe-inspiring watching someone who can jump a bike about like this with such velvety smoothness. Even the non-bikers amongst you will find this impressive watching.

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Friday Ride

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Keeping Sane

It was beautiful out – breezy and sunny, topped off with a perfectly blue sky through which the leaves gently tumbled from the towering trees. It cleared my head and tired my body…..though there’s still something missing…

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Week Day Ride

Yesterday Bob and I went for a ride around Aiken. We ended up doing a 40 mile route of country roads with loooooong fast descents and looooong slow ascents. Even having lived here for several years in the past I’d never realised just how hilly Aiken is. You just don’t appreciate gradients like there are around here from the comfort of an automatic car!

The sun was shining and the breeze was a 21c warm across legs and arms – a refreshing change from the crisp and chilly early morning rides I’ve been doing lately.

We also took our cameras along – photos here:

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Cotton Field

Cotton Field

Originally uploaded by Racefox

Riding amongst the Cotton Fields on a sunny day…

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