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A fitting video for me to post since I’ve been going through some ‘trials’ of my own recently – albeit not the biking kind.

I spent many entertaining hours over the years watching an Ex perfecting his bike trials moves. I’d stand there shouting ideas and encouragement for the next move he could learn, taking photos and kissing the enevitable scraped and bruised shins better! It’s not a skill learnt without a barrell full of injuries and swear words.  For me being the kind of person who wobbles about just turning to look for traffic over her shoulder I find it awe-inspiring watching someone who can jump a bike about like this with such velvety smoothness. Even the non-bikers amongst you will find this impressive watching.


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Bike Porn

Handsome Cycles 'Handsome XOXO'

Handsome Cycles 'Handsome XOXO'








I love this frame from Handsome Cycles.. Never seems to fail when I find a bike I really like it’s a steel frame.  Go steel, you sexy mutha..

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Hoping This Wil Help

Hypnotism And Anger: Working Through Your Issues

People who are unable to control their anger can be frightening. Not only can they say hurtful things but in some cases they will even strike out at those who are supposed to be closest to them.

The hard thing is that you may not even notice or your anger may not let you care. Instead placing the blame with the injured party. It is hard being forgiving or thoughtful when your vision is going red and staying there. So for the sake of not only yourself but to those around you look back on your episodes of anger.

Do they bear a scary resemblance to instances in your own life where you might have felt helpless or frustrated beneath the temper of someone else? Do your fits seem senseless now, the spark that set you off nothing more than an irritant now that you have had a chance to think clearly? When you get angry does it feel as if you can’t stop yourself? A yes to any of these questions, or variations of them, means that you have a problem. One that can only get worse as time goes on.

You may not believe in hypnosis but it is certainly worth a try if there is a chance that it can help you isn’t it? Other methods may work well for different people, they might even work for you, but for how long?

What you are aiming for is not a band-aid but a full on surgery.

Then, once found, you can work on rising above whatever brought on your anger management problem in the first place. Hopefully once the cause is fully dug out and examined then your rage will no longer rule your life, nor the actions of those who have to be around you on a day to day basis.

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Such A Good Tune

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You’re In My Mind..

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I Think I Missed My Calling In Life

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De-Restricting A Honda Zoomer – FAQ

This is in response to my other post on Derestricting My Honda Zoomer on which I’ve had many questions in the comments. So I thought I’d update with a summary here to make the information a bit easier to find. Please note, I am a girl. My mechanical expertise here is limited and I had the help of men with the installation – but mainly because they had the tools required to do the job. Removal of the variator is very difficult without an impact driver or similar. If I owned an impact driver it’d look like this:

Impact Driver

Girly Impact Driver

Honda Zoomers in the UK are restricted to 28mph top speed. It is capable of doing 40-45mph with a few minor upgrades. Here are the parts I used to achieve this – there may be better ways to go about it, but this works for me:

1. Install the Polini CDI unit. This tells the engine about fuel flow etc. and allows the engine to rev past the 28mph restriction but although the engine will be able to rev higher – the scoot can not physically move faster without the next step.

2. Install the Polini Variator with 3 blue rollers and 3 yellow rollers. The yellow rollers weigh 2.4g and the blue ones weigh 3.7g. By installing them alternately (blue/yellow/blue/yellow etc) it will give you top acceleration and top speed. When I installed all yellow I had top speed but acceleration uphill and from a stand still was fairly sedate!

3. Install the air intake tube (this is part of the Polini Zoomer De-Restriction Kit). I’m not sure what this does but I assume you need more air to push more fuel for more speed.

As far as I’m aware it’s not essential you replace the exhaust for performance but it may help squeeze a bit more out. And the stock exhaust does get a lot hotter and more burny smelling with the higher speed. I replaced mine with the Polini one that came with the kit which I found to sound nice, but made of shitty quality. You also need to mod this a little bit by pulling out the narrow tube in the end to make it sound bassey.

Part numbers:

The complete Zoomer Polini Kit is part no. 170.2100.

Polini Zoomer Kit

Polini Zoomer Kit

The Polini Variator is part no. 241.626.

Polini Variator

Polini Variator

The Polini CDI unit is part no: 171.0526.

Polini CDI

Polini CDI

You can not install after market rollers in the stock variator and get the best results. To understand how the variator works see this excellent article here:

I had a local bike shop order my parts for me but there are many online places that sell the bits, these are a few:

This is Polini’s website with more detail about the parts. It’s written in Ital-glish and if you think the grammar is poor on their site, you’re in for a treat when you get your Polini kit instructions out.

For more detailed information on this topic on this blog read this:

For more help from people much more knowledgeable than me go here:

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