Get On Yer Bike!

I believe if that you’ve ever ridden a bike and didn’t enjoy it you weren’t on the right bike. As I’ve explained in my blog each of my bikes has a different feel. Different materials, parts and geometry give them very different rides and where one bike made up of a frame, handlebars, wheels and a chain can feel as light as a feather and ride like the speed of lightening another can be a total lump and make you feel like you’ve just had a kicking by a group of chavs outside the local McDonald’s. If you didn’t know the difference between the two bikes you wouldn’t know how to put it right.

I enjoy riding to work and I think many others would too if they stopped making excuses – its not as hard as you’d like to think. The benefits of cycling to work are numerous but the best of them all is that you get your exercise for the day without going out of your way or spending any extra time. You have to get to work – so get there by bike.

Last year by the end of summer I’d dropped dress sizes from a 12 to an 8 and this was purely from biking into work, 5 miles each way 2 or 3 days per week. I felt great when I sat at my desk because exercise lifts my mood and gives me energy and all those people who used to poke fun at me marching in looking like a storm trooper have since shut up because now who’s the bigger mug? I didn’t just pay £50 to fill my bike with petrol!

Please check out my page here for my guide on biking to work. Plus all the excuses you can come up with and how to counteract them. I rate well at making excuses so if there’s one to be made I’ll have made it!


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