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100 Push Up Challenge Week 6

I’ve had questions – people want answers. ‘What happened in week 6?’ they ask.

Well as you know week 6 came and went about 2 weeks ago (sorry if my days are off but I don’t know whether I’m coming or going lately). Basically the challenge was about being able to do 100 consecutive pushups by the end of 6 weeks.

Want to know my professional opinion on this?


I’m what I consider a fit person. I cycle around 30 miles per week and run about 15 miles per week. For the last 8 weeks I have put every effort into being able to do the 100 pushups. I’ve trained most days leaving an odd day out each week for a rest. I really have given it my full effort.

OK, so the last week is a far cry from my first attempts of not even being able to push myself off the floor at all so I have made good progress.  I also accepted that because of my damaged shoulder I wasn’t going to be able to be as quick or as strong as someone of similar fitness with a perfect shoulder might be which led me to stick with the girly pushups as opposed to the full on toes and hands stance which hurt my shoulder.

I think for many, many people this challenge is unattainable. I looked on the hundred pushup website and found more than three or four hundred people have registered as taking the challenge. You want to know how many have written in to say they did it?


Six people claim to have done the challenge and I don’t know what their physical background was when the started but I’m sure they weren’t as pathetic as me!

NOW – I’m not totally down on this whole pushup malarky because there is a fantastic side to this. My arms are definately more shapely and toned because of my efforts. Cracking down on the floor for 2 minutes each night is NO sacrifice at all to be able to get great looking arms that don’t ache when you have to hold your hairdryer above your head for 15 minutes like I do. It doesn’t cost anything, you don’t need special kit to do it, you don’t need a lot of space and you can do it anywhere… pushups don’t have to stop when you go on holiday. 2 minutes is all you need to do out a set of pushups – perhaps a few minutes more if you start counting near the 100’s.

I’ve also found my stomach is more toned which in turn has strengthened my back. Some of this is probably due to the plank position I’ve been holding regularly in an attempt to make my arms strong enough to do a pushup. Either way I’m benefitting in many more ways by having taken on this challenge.

And it doesn’t end there. Although I think the 100 pushups in 6 weeks is not possibe for most people (including the guy who wrote the program – because at last contact I believe he said he’d needed to repeat a week himself) I do think it’s a great idea and it’s inspired loads of people who are now, like me, enjoying the benefits I’d otherwise never have had.

I know there are three people that read this site who have been inspired enough by my effort to start doing pushups themselves and that makes me feel brilliant. It’s a great feeling to inspire someone else to do something, so good luck to you.

Right – here is what should have been week 6’s video, although it’s been done on week 8 but for the sake of being orderly I’m going to overlook that and lie. It’s a quicky because we’re off tomorrow night for THE OUTER HEBRIDES and I have loads to do.

So…… how many did I manage? You’ll have to watch the video.

Following this video I’m going to continue with the pushups and update you periodically when I reach milestones that I think are worth shouting about. I’ll get there if it throws my shoulder out! (and then I’ll have the perfect excuse to stop). I’m kidding!

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100 Pushup Challenge Part 4. (or 3 depending on which way you look at it)

I’ve now had 2 double Gins so if this is incoherent gibberish just read every 4th word to come up with something that makes sense.

The Pushup Challenge is going ok I guess. I’m not thrilled and excited about my progress because frankly by this point I expected a bit more out of myself. However, I think, through no fault of my own I haven’t been able to achieve that imaginary goal I had because of my gammy shoulder. If you’re just now joining the topic – my left shoulder is held together with a large screw and a metal plate and a couple of tendons robbed from elsewhere in said shoulder due to a serious mountain biking injury I had a couple of years ago. Therefore I think to expect it to be able to raise and lower my entire body weight 100 times is asking a bit too much and despite many weeks of building myself up to it gradually I am unable to do a full proper pushup so I have reached the decision to just complete this challenge by doing girly pushups. I feel like a bit of a cop out doing this but it is listed as an alternative method of completing the task on the 100 pushup website – therefore I shall make my excuses and go with it.

As rubbish as I feel for copping out I guess I do have some triumph in that in the beginning I was unable to do a single girly pushup and now I’m doing sets of at least 10 so I have made progress.

Anyway – as I said – fuelled by Gin, so it’s a bit drawn out but here’s the video!

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100 Pushup Challenge Part 3

Ok I’m a week behind with video but to be fair I haven’t made much progress, yet it’s not through lack of trying.

I’m doing girl pushups daily, small sets of however many I can do followed by a good attempt at the proper pushups and a couple of plank poses just to work on my stomach and back muscles. It seems that when I try to do pushups one of the parts that lets me down is my form. My middle immediately starts to try to hit the floor and I become this bendy thing made up of shoulder blades pointing one way and stomach sinking the other.

I’m disappointed that I’m nowhere near being able to partake in the schedule laid out by the 100 pushups website but I think there are reasons for that, the biggest one being the massive injury I had to my shoulder some time ago. I was never going to be able to pick this challenge up and start it just like that with no preparation. I’ve also had days where my shoulder has been a bit painful because of the effort I’ve put in so I’ve had to back off a bit and be more careful. I probably should take doctors advice to do what I’m attempting to do – but I don’t like going to the doctors so I’m just going to have to use a bit of common sense and do what I’m doing – back off if it hurts.

So here it is – end of week 3 (I think) although it seems more. I’ve done this video on Sunday evening – absolutely shattered and here are my excuses.

I spent most of Saturday erecting a fence in the back garden, lumping heavy posts and planks of wood about as well as digging holes, sawing wood and hammering nails. We followed this up with a spot of grocery shopping at Sainsburys and then tainted the entire evenings atmosphere by stopping on the way to the store to kill a rabbit which had just had it’s back legs run over, but was otherwise laying there very much alive and suffering. I couldn’t bare to drive past it so I made Wil turn around and go and finish it off, which he did very quickly and as humanely as possible. For the three of us, all vegetarians and very fond of animals, it was a horrid, horrid thing.

Today I got up early and ran 4 miles to the next village and back, then immediately got on my bike and cycled for 10 minutes so as to get in some practice for the duathlon in September. I then did 2 loads of washing, baked 2 loaves of banana bread, cleaned the fish tank, cut Cams hair, ironed a pile of laundry, cleaned out the Guinea Pigs, made dinner and then collapsed in a heap on the sofa before leaping into action one more time in order to bring you some rather crappy entertainment. That’s determination for you! That’s also why I couldn’t pull the pushups together as well as I think I could do another time. So, hopefully next week will look a bit better.

And finally – I’m not proof reading this before posting it because I want to go to bed so please excuse bad grammar and spelling. (When I say bad, I mean worse than usual)


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Pushup Challenge Update

"Kick me, come on! Kick me!"

"Do you think anyone wants a roundhouse kick to the face while I'm wearing these bad boys?"

I haven’t forgotten, it’s just delayed. I’ll get to it when I can drag my infesibly large biceps into position.

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