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When I  moved to the states in ’92 I took my parrot, a Chattering Lory named Bob with me. He endured quarantine in Miami Florida and was in one of the few buildings that didn’t get blown away by Hurricane Andrew.  Bob was about 5 years old when he died suddenly of what turned out to be a genetic heart defect. I was absolutely gutted.

What made Bobs death worse was the silence that he left behind. No longer did we walk in the door greeted with an excited ‘HELLOOOO’ from his perch in the corner. No longer did we laugh at the little cheers and dances accompanied with his high pitched voice shouting ‘YAAAYY COME ON! DANCE’ when we played music.

We wanted another parrot – so we bought a baby Blue & Gold Macaw and brought him home young enough that we needed to hand feed him baby food with a syringe. Because of this early hand raising Sammy grew to be very cuddly and affectionate. We’d spend afternoons laying on the couch watching tv and taking naps – he’d actually lay next to me and go to sleep. I could kiss his face and he’d fluff up all cutesy with the attention. He was definitely a mums boy!

When Cameron was born the centre of attention changed and Sammy couldn’t bear it. He was insanely jealous any time that baby was near me and he’d scream in protest. Eventually it got to the point where he wouldn’t stop screaming unless he was perched on my shoulder and so I ended up rehoming him with my ex.

Today he’s about 15 years old and I was able to go and visit him. I took some nuts and within a short amount of time he was perched on my hand cracking open Brazil nuts as if they were housed in egg shells. He seemed fairly comfortable around me. There’s no way to really tell but it seemed as though he might have remembered me after all these years..


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