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Alton Water Duathlon 2010

Just sticking this here for my future reference really…

Completed the Alton Water Duathlon this morning and won 1st place in my category and came 10th out of 23 ladies. The difference in the timings from the last time I completed this event in 2008 are the bit I’m most pleased about..

2008 – 25.58 / 57.20 / 28.43 – 1.52
2010 – 24.13 / 48.07 / 26.10 – 1.38

It’s a good feeling to put in the work and see the benefits.


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Duathlon Video

Armed with Diggers snowboaring helmet-cam Cameron ran about taking clippets of video at the duathlon on Sunday. I’ve taken the most pertinent sections of vid and put them together here. WARNING: Do not watch on a full stomach. Cameron has not mastered the necessity of holding the camera still and instead holds the small pen-like camera in his hand while he runs about holding a massive cardboard banner reading ‘GO FOXY GO’ on one side and messages to Wil and Diggers friend Keith on the other. The effect? Lots of sky and ground footage along with sideways angles at all the crucial parts. Still he had a lot of fun which isn’t easy when you’re stuck out on a dam marshalling a course of grumpy sweaty duathletes at the crack of dawn on a Sunday.

Big HUGE thanks to Digger who was our sole supporter for the day and who not only came along to cheer us on but helped marshall the course and looked after Cameron for us while we ran. And judging by all the comments I heard about the banner Cameron was carrying around – he’s a top notch race banner maker/designer as well!

1) Me running past from the start line during the first 5k. Note the first clump of super humans running like their arses are on fire at the start. Then once they’re past I come plodding along and just because I look like I’m at the back I’ve left the footage of ALL THOSE PEOPLE behind me in for you to see.

2) Me running past on the second 5k following 23k on the bike. This is the point where I had spaghetti noodle legs and this is blatently apparent by the fact I’m shuffling along like I’ve crapped my pants. I was suffering pretty bad calf ache at this point and upon approaching the dam I’m thinking ‘how the hell am I going to last for another 4k with HILLS’.

3) Me arriving at the finish (You’ll only know this when you hear Cam’s screams of MUUUM, MUUUUM, MUUUUM). I was so out of it by that point all I could focus on was the finish line and where to hit the ground on the other side of it. And that I’d just been overtaken by a 72 year old man.

4) Wil arriving at the finish line.

Points to look out for: Where I’m sitting on the ground at the finish and I pinch my itchy nose between thumb and forefinger right at the same time a plastic cup falls over on the table next to me making it sound like I made a loud snort.

Right at the end of the video where Wil bends over to stretch and makes a groaning sound that actually makes him look like he’s leaning over to hurl. (he didn’t)

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‘D’ Day Lurks Like Last Nights Curry

Well Sunday is creeping ever closer and if ever there were days I was wishing I hadn’t sacked that bike ride off or had put a little extra effort into that run, these be them. For Sunday, is Duathlon Day.

You remember when I had my Billy big pants on some time between being unable to push my own body mass off the floor with my own arms and then being able to do 10 girl pushups and I signed up for that duathlon based on the fact that I can run and I can bike – albeit neither that well?

I received the race documents yesterday which explained the rules and when, where and how everything will be happening. Apparently I’m in the first ‘wave’ which is the first group of people leaving at 08:10. Wil is to follow in the 08:30 wave. This is both good and bad.

With Wil leaving separately it takes a little of the pressure off both of us. Wil thinks I’m the sportier one out of the two of us. I know even with no training, he is. I’ve seen the proof, he doesn’t have to lift a single bone for a month and he can still go out and run 5 miles. If I sat still for a month I may as well learn how to walk again. With separate leaving times unless I REALLY struggle I should be able to stay ahead of Wil and finish before him physically (not necessary according to our race times, so he’ll still win). This means there will be no horridness caused by one of us doing really well and having to leave the other behind. However, if my bike fails and I’m sat at the side of the road when he comes along I will totally turn on the tears. (I am ginger remember and ginger = fickle).

So the race participants leave in 3 waves of mixed abilities and ages. When I say mixed abilities I mean ‘them’ – the 164 Tri/Duathletes and ‘us’ – me and Wil. My good friend Digger is going to be there to support us and as they were short on help manning the course he’s also going to marshall. Therefore the master plan is that after I have run through he’s going to direct everyone else the opposite way. Not so much a plan than plain old wishful thinking. Digger is a good friend and when I emailed him today worried that I was going to come last in the race he offered meaningful friendly advice that went something like

“Foxy don’t worry – you’ll always be a winner in my eyes, even if you are holding up all the fat asthmatic kids at the back of the race”

Still worrying I went down to the office where the bloke who got me interested in the Duathlon in the first place sits. I pleaded my concerns of being a lame runner and slow biker and tried to tap him up for information on the weak points of the other people he knew that were taking part. He browsed the list of entrants and picked out a few names of people he deemed to be ‘slow’.

Word to the wise – when doubting your sporting abilities don’t ask for words of comfort from a man who does half Ironman events in about 30 minutes flat.

“Here we go, Patricia Smith aged 56, you’ll be able to beat her Ren… lets see”

He began tapping her name into Google and managed to find her last race results which just happend to be where she completed an Ironwoman event in times that made Wonder Womans spin around costume change look as though it was being performed by a quadraplegic. This, of course made me feel so much better. NOT. Almost as good as when I read the results from the same race last year and found that the last finisher, a woman aged fifty something, ran/biked/ran the same times as I did the last time I timed myself over similar distances. I’M SO LAST ALREADY.

OK… it’s not so bad and in all honesty my concern isn’t that I’ll come last – it’s that I won’t finish. I’m worried I haven’t done enough to be able to complete the 5k run/23k bike/5k run circuit.

Therefore internet, please club your positive chi together and bung it this way on Sunday because I’m going to need all the help I can get once that mega bag of jelly beans has been consumed. And of course what does one do when they’re fretting madly about not being able to ace a duathlon?…..

…..Sign up for the next big mistake just over a month away. The Whole Hog adventure race.

Looking for a girls team of 3………….8 miles of cold November mud and crap anyone?

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You get a glimmer of a blue sky beyond the grey cloud that’s been covering your universe for a month solid and you get all stupid and do things like signing up for a duathlon. I’ve roped Wil into it with me too.

So thats 5k run, 23k bike, 5k run on 21 September 2008. I don’t do sponsorship begging but if you can submit some miracles in the comment box below I’ll be eternally grateful.

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