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I know a couple of you will have noticed I’ve switched to comment moderation. This is not permanent, it’s just that I had a completely insane keyboard warrior bombarding me with insults and childish crap in one of my posts, purely because of his inability to read it.

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Oi, Keyboard Warrior… Shove It!

"i fink ur crapp"

"i fink ur crapp"

Remember recently when I blogged about how weirdy people were finding my blog by typing in

‘Carol Vordermans Tits’?


Well, I logged on this morning and found one weirdo thrashing about in the net. Or should I say ‘on the net’ because wait a minute – if anyone ever needed to “get a life ‘OF’ the net” (as I’ve been instructed) it’s someone who is searching around for pictures of Carol Vorderman’s tits and starts feeling a little protective when they find them. Enough so to leave a stupid remark in the comments box.

I was thinking about this very thing the other day. What is it with folk when they get behind a computer monitor or in a car or on the phone that they can often turn into complete wankers and start making all kind of remarks that they wouldn’t either bother or dare to make to your face?

Have you noticed that different websites get quite definitive groups of commenting public varying from the sappy lot who constantly tag ****hugs**** onto every word to the bunch who just browse the net ANGRY and set out to spew vile deposits of their mouth excrement onto anyone elses work/thoughts/writing/creations.

YouTube is especially popular for the latter. The video site is absolutely cluttered with nasty mouthed volatile numbskulls spending evenings watching other peoples videos and then in their ineligible spelling and grammar deciding to scrawl some nastiness in the comments box. If there’s one thing that makes you look like an utter cock it’s writing a stupid remark in a comments box, if there’s another, it’s spelling your nastiness wrongly.

Here’s an example of comments under a video of one of Nickleback’s songs. Now you either like or dislike Nickleback’s music but is there really any need for this?

r u a fuckin idiot man!u left a comment sayin ur gay wen ur listening to nickleback but wait…….werent u listening to nickleback while leavin dis comment!
u fuckin spa!nice one u fuckin gay!
u know that ur an idiot… when u post comments like this. U know ur gay when u see gay everywhere. Its called homofoby and is caused by your lack of manhood. Its sad. Small penis mate? dont worry size doesnt matter. At least its what they say
‘homofoby’ is THAT what they call it? Because I was unaware ‘u fuckin spa’. Has the ultimate slam now come down to monikering someone as a baineotherapy treatment?
Weird how one video site attracts the commenting spawn of satan whereas another (Vimeo) is blanketed by praise and/or constructive critism.
I don’t believe in ‘if you haven’t got something nice to say then don’t say it at all’, I think there are just acceptable ways to say you disagree or dislike something without being a pointless arse.
So Geo and anyone else who arrives here on a searching spree of the Vord’s tits don’t bother me with your totally pointless, unfunny, non-witty, mispelt comments directing me to do something other than what I choose to do in my free time. Maybe if you decide to take your own advice GEO by getting a life OFF the net and you need something comparable to searching for pictures of Carols tits – I suggest carpet bowls.

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