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What a clever little site this is…. I guess it lets non-Twitterers play…if you watch for long enough to get a crowd of people in the states on the map and a few people in Japan – when someone in Japan Tweets and the world spins round all the people in the states turn to look! Yeah, I really did sit there for that long and find it that amusing. On a Friday night.

I really should get out more.


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Using your ipod Shuffle without itunes

I hate items that force me to use them in a predetermined way when there could be another option. itunes just about made me vault myself through the ceiling when it rearranged my entire 30GB music collection and stuffed everything in little files of it’s own. It was like having your mother in law come over and tidy up your knickers drawer for you while you’re at work.

It managed to further enrage me when it refused to allow me to play some music put on my machine from another friends ipod so I went on the hunt for an application of some sort that would allow me to use my shuffle just like a USB. I found many complicated methods of doing this – some of which made rocket science look a breeze but then I found this website where I downloaded a tiny little application, stuck it on my ipod shuffle and now life is good.

Unleash your iPod Shuffle here!

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