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Super Sunday

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Sunday was great. Freshly minus one small blonde who’s buggered off to ‘summer’ in the States with his Pa, Wil and I did a 2 hour Moutain Bike Endurance race at Brandon County Park which was number 2 in a series of 3. I didn’t do the first one but Wil did and had a goal of where he wanted to place. I looked at the ladies category and worked out what I thought my timing should be for the 6.2 mile laps and pitted myself against one of the female entrants in the list.

The weather was great, my bike was excellent, our pre-race planning was a little shoddy and I ambled up onto the start line tucking the freshly purchased energy bar I’d bought at one of the vendor stands into my jersey pocket with less than 30 seconds to the starting gun.

I put everything I had into the race and was really pleased with my performance considering I hadn’t really been training seriously and considering that about a third or more of the ladies in my category were sponsored team riders. I’d expected to place worse than 9th out of 13 which has given me a great benchmark for my next race.

Wil had a bit of a shakey start to his race which left 2 minutes after mine. We’d had a bit of a muck up with water bottles in that I’d fitted 2 cages to my bike but hadn’t checked to see if my 2nd bottle would actually fit in the small space in the frame, which it didn’t. Wil then kindly gave me his Camelbak and borrowed a water pack from a friend at the start line, leaving him rolling into the start as the gun went. However this didn’t seem to ruin his performance, he had a blinding run and although he didn’t place where he had wanted to (within the top 100) his speed showed an improvement of 2 minutes per mile over his last race which is fantastic. Especially considering his other technical hitch was having blindly bought isotonic rehydration products instead of energy food! This is what happens when we start medalling in eachothers specialties. Bike stuff = Wil, planning and food = Ren!

Next race is in August.


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