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1 Hour Enduro Race – Langdon Hills Country Park

Wil and I took part in a 1 hour Mountain Bike Endurance Race in Essex today.

For a change we were on time, organised, well trained and fighting fit. Everything went smoothly including the trip down to Southend.

The course was 6.5k (just under 4miles) through woodland and fields consisting of narrow very rooty trails with a mixture of gravel and sand under tyre. The hills were plentiful, vertical, long and winding and ripped into sections by large tyre eating cracks that were difficult to avoid in places. The descents were also very rooty and closely hugged by trees and overhanging branches but also offered beautiful smooth fast twisty singletrack which, according to my heart rate monitor I managed to max 25mph down!

On the first lap I was frustratingly held back by all the junior and non-serious competitors who promptly all failed and clambered off their bikes to push up the first hill. Despite many of these idiots blocking the path somehow I managed to keep pedalling eventually dropping a load of them behind. Much of the first half of the first lap was plagued with people who clearly hadn’t trained or were on inappropriate bikes and they became moving obstacles who would either block the route past or go so slowly you were stuck behind until an appropriate passing place. For once I felt smug for all the training effort I’d put in – it was really paying off.

Then about 3/4 of the way around the first lap there appeared a familiar orange and white jersey in front of me pushing his bike along the side of the trail. Ruling out any serious injury given the fact he was walking ok I noticed Wil’s back tyre was flat. I jumped off my bike and offered it to him but he declined, instead urging me to get on with my race. So I went.

The second lap was better – now knowing where all the technical tricky parts of the course were and missing most of the kids who’d bailed out after the first lap I was able to really hammer around. That said the first lap of hellish hills had taken a toll on my legs which were burning like mad on every incline. My heart rate monitor frequently beeped as I reached 99% of my max heart rate!

The second lap felt strong but the third felt quicker as I passed another girl in my category on an incline and then left her behind to cross the finish line in 1:16 by my watch.

Unfortunately there was a glitch with the timings which meant no one got to find out their times and positions and there was no podium today. Hopefully timings should be put on their website tomorrow night – so fingers crossed, I’m really hoping for a good result this time. Ranking bottom third is not worthy of eating one’s own exploded lungs 3 times over.

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Turns out on Sunday I was told to meet at the wrong place to do the cross country training session. Not to worry, I’m well informed for this coming Sunday and will be joining in to do the 5 miles.

I ran with the club on Tuesday evening as usual and did Fartlek training between lamposts. Having scoffed chocolate all day long at work I apparently had a massive store of energy because despite the sprints and recovery jogs I could have run for MILES. When I left, I felt like I hadn’t done anything.

Such is NOT the case today. I biked into work and then this afternoon, leaving everything at work – I ran home! I have self propelled 10 miles today which is a brilliant feeling. Even more surprisingly I seem to have dropped my 10 minute mile pace of times past and made it home today with a 8 minute mile pace.

Also on a running note myself and two other ladies from the club have formed a team and entered The Whole Hog Adventure Race in Wantisden in November. The course is 7-8 mile cross country run with small assault courses and purportedly a lot of mud along the way. We have to think of a team name now so if you creative lot have any ideas please leave me a comment.

Following the Hog Race Wil and I have signed up for the Thetford Duathlon. I’m really looking forward to this as it will give me a chance to compare against the last Duathlon I did and see if I’ve improved having pushed myself through a few more months of good training.

A note on Push-Ups. I am still doing them but I’ve kind of given up on trying to do the 100. I put in 100% for a few months and just could not manage to move past the 28 mark without causing pain in my shoulder. When one of my elbows started to nag I threw the towel in and since then I’ve been doing 3 reps of 20 at least 3 times per week to maintain what I did achieve.

All going well eh?…. Time to catch a cold then!

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