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Not A Bad Season

I returned from the bike club ride this morning to an email from my running club asking me to attend an awards evening next week. Apparently there is a nice shiny trophy with my name engraved on it awaiting my return for winning the 35+ Vet Category Time Trial Club Championships this summer!  It hadn’t even crossed my mind that I’d done so well so this was a very pleasant surprise. Needless to say I won’t be there to collect it in person but I might record a message they can play on the big screen.. you know, sorry I can’t be there.. I’m in LA recording right now..

I’m kidding.

Thinking about it,  considering I really didn’t put my full efforts into training for anything this year I had a great year picking up a couple of 2nd and 3rd places in my Mountain Bike series, 1st place in cat for the duathlon and 1st place in cat for the time trials.

I’m very proud of those unexpected achievements and I can’t wait to see what I’m capable of when I really put my mind to it next year.


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Taking The Piss

I had to ditch the Running Club sprinting session briefly this evening to answer the dire and URGENT call of nature. Unfortunately in my haste to get to the end of THE LONGEST PISS IN THE WORLD whilst squatting in a patch of woodland between a main road and an office block – trying to dodge car headlights and nighttime dog walkers, I managed to pee on the back of my trousers and partly in my shoe. Thank goodness they were black trousers and it was dark. What’s that? More info than you needed?

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Wanted: Paula Radcliffe’s Hamstrings

running_legsI dropped the boy off for a swim last night whilst I went running with the club for an hour. We did 800m laps of a street with a slight hill on it and I managed two and a half before my hamstring made a funny sensation and then tightened from my ass to the back of my knee. I stopped and stretched while I waited for everyone to come back to the starting point.

I don’t know how I’m meant to be training for this duathlon we’ve entered on the 29th Nov. Every time I put some effort in my hamstrings react like a plastic bag in a hot oven.

I imagined my hamstrings to be like the elastic pulled out of the waistband of a pair of saggy old knickers from 1970 that belonged to a size 24 lady (who was a size 12 when she originally bought them). But I’m changing that opinion for if they were that loose they wouldn’t keep pulling. Pirate legs – that’s what I’ve got – wooden pirate legs for hamstrings.

Is this what you get for a lifetime of ‘keeping fit’?

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Running….. But Not Me Doing It

My Little Bruv completed his first race the other night, a 10k which he finished in 45:43 minutes – an impressive 7.5 minute mile. Since he lives on the other side of the country from me I wasn’t there to show support. However, if I had been there I’d have told him I was going out with my friends and that he couldn’t come with me – and then run off ahead of him. Because when he was 4 that shit used to make him run as fast as hell, although he used to cry his eyes out at the same time which probably wouldn’t look too sharp on a 30 year old man.

In other news, the Old Ginge completed his first Marathon today at Halstead. Me and the girls (and Dale) popped along to do the cheering and clapping to spur him and about 400 other people along.  It was a gorgeous hot sunny day – perfect for watching other people sweat themselves to death over 26 miles. Fortunately it didn’t hold Digger back and he completed  in an admirable 4 hours and some minutes.

Now hopefully both of you will pull a hamstring and let me catch up!

(More photos on my Flickr site – Link in the side bar <——-)

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A Pain In The Arse

I went running on Sunday – 5 miles xc training with the club. The course is via fields and woodland in the grounds of a stately home and although it is largely flat there are small technical sections that you descend into (read, ‘nearly skid on your arse into) and then nearly have to pull yourself out of by grabbing roots and shrubs. Ok, it’s not quite that bad but there are sections that demand a huge amount of leg strength for both descent and ascent. It was on the 2nd lap of one of these technical sections that a frequent niggling but mild stabby pain I’ve been experiencing in the bottom of my right arse cheek suddenly became a large stabby pain  shooting down the back of my right leg shouting for acknowledgement. The pain worsened on the uphill and so I gave the 3rd lap a miss, instead jogging off with one of the coaches who suggested I might have a hamstring pull at the point where the hamstring joins near the glute. This had been a minor pain for a few months but nothing that bothered me on runs of 5 miles or less.

I took it easy around the rest of the course and by the time I got to the end another old achey muscle was screaming out for attention too. My hip flexor (one of the muscles you use to lift your knee like if you march) became very painful. Now both front and back of my right leg is sore. I’ve got to go and see the physio because now, over the past week my knee has started hurting again too.  Here’s looking forward to the next 2 months of races being cancelled, replaced by rest and followed by strengthening exercises – DOUBLE YAWN.

Sorry – I wish I had a much more humorous arse injury story for you fact if we’re really truthful it’s not even my arse that’s injured.

I bet you’re glad you arsed…..

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Things That Are Not Conducive To A Good 5 Mile Cross Country Race


Waiting to start... wondering if my trousers are going to stay up

Being stood facing into the breeze at the speedway track the evening before watching banger racing when 60 bangers start racing round smashing bits off each other, burning up tyres and kicking up so much dust that you stand for 2 minutes wondering if you still have eyes positioned in your face. Turns out I did but they were filled up with particles of black crap that has taken a day to work it’s way out leaving black streaks from the corners of my eyes to the bottom of my cheeks, not unlike a Cheetah.

Breathing in the petrolly exhaust fumes from said bangers for 5 hours. Lungs like a miner you say?

Standing up on concrete steps because the 4 million other people there decided ‘WHY SIT DOWN?’. Obviously viewing position is different for the World Series Final Banger Racing than it is for Bank Holiday Bangers and Demolition Derby. 5 hours stood in cold weather on cold concrete is rubbish on legs. Especially legs that need to run the following day.

Eating only 2 bits of toast, a bowl of Ready Brek and a polystyrene tray of the best chips the banger racing vendors have to offer, for my entire caloric intake all day.

Bed at 23:00. I’m rubbish if I go to bed at 10:15, let alone 45 minutes later. Awoke at 07:00 feeling lethargic.

Eating too early this morning. By the time I got to the race venue I was starving again.

Not taking a flask of tea – Pre race cuppa always seems to go down quite well.

Using new insoles inside my shoes which I had not done a trial run in. Did my high arches the world of good but following the advice on the packet of removing the insoles already in the shoes before inserting the new ones would have been kinder on my poor toes which were now crammed in half of the space they’d had previously. Guess I deserve all 5 blisters now stinging at the end of my toes for that school boy error.

Rabbit Warrens – you fuckers. By the 2nd from last lap (I think there were 4 or 5 laps in total) I’d rolled my left foot twice badly in holes dug by rabbits and was left limping from the pain for 2 more laps. As far as I have read with regards to pain while running – you can run through pains that do not cause you to run differently. Unfortunately this one did and stubbornly trying to ignore it for the final 2 laps only served to give me knee pain in the same leg and a hellishly sore hamstring leading up into my right arse cheek. Still I made it dragging what felt like a 4 ton arse and concrete legs across the finish line with me. In opposites to my eyes – Very much unlike a cheetah.

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Video From The Whole Hog Race

And I don’t doubt Marie will thank her son profusely for shouting “MY MUM’S BOOBS ARE JAGGLING ABOUT” right at the start… Probably about as much as she’ll thank me for drawing the internets attention to it on my blog!

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