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Where Did I Leave My….

I don’t know what’s wrong with me this week – I’m unorganised as hell.

Yesterday was a blunder from start to finish. Cam had stayed at my mums overnight but would need to be picked up from Ipswich when I left work. From there we would need to go straight to running club, where I would go off with the club and Cam would stay at the leisure centre to swim. For this to happen I would need to take our sports gear with me to work. Note to self – get it organised the night before.

In the middle of this someone at work in the Ipswich office bought a stair gate I’d advertised on the noticeboard. I would now  need to leave a little bit earlier and drop it off there on the way to pick up Cam. Note to self – put gate in car.

I noticed my lip gloss was on the window sill in the bathroom where I’d used it last – that needed to go back in my handbag else I’d leave without it and then suffer an entire diabolical day where my lips dried up and felt like they were going to crack up and fall off. Note to self – why didn’t I do it there and then?

The other thing – food. On days I’m going to run after work I need to make sure I eat enough during the day. Not just ‘enough’ but the right stuff. Since Christmas my guts have not been quite right so from New Years day when the decorations had been packed away I decided no more stodgy, sweet and rich food would pass my lips.

I left the house in a bit of a hurry wanting to make sure I got my bowl of porridge in before the 9am meeting I was scheduled to attend. I knew damn well that meeting table would be laden with the remnants of biscuits and sweets that everyone wished to discard from their own Christmas overhoards at home! I wasn’t wrong – when faced with the 95 calorie per biscuit box of Scottish shortbread my belly full of hot porridge found it fairly unchallenging to look the other way – job done!. However when the mid morning slump hit me I caved in to an offer of a chocolate muffin which had been brought in on a colleagues birthday offering – job undone!  It’s ok, I thought – I would run a single chocolate muffin off in the club session, no harm done.

When I discovered I’d failed to pick up the bags containing my running kit and Cam’s swimming gear that morning I made a call to Wil hoping he’d be able to run them over to my office on his lunch time or at the very least meet me at club that night. Good as gold he turned up at 12:30 holding the bags I’d forgotten and my shoes and a jammy, creamy cake in a paper bag from the bakers.

I’m always skeptical when Wil makes gestures like this – Is it his assurance that I get fat while he loses weight? That I get fat so he has an excuse to get fat? Or a simple romantic gesture that he’s bringing his loved one (whom uncategorically stated days earlier ‘NO MORE SHIT FOOD’) a little gift?

Either way that creamy, jammy donut filled greasy sugary bag sat on my desk screaming to be thrown away. A scream that was rebutted fiercely by the pit of my conscience that doesn’t allow me to waste food – even shit food. So I ate it. And then felt horrible over the next few hours whilst the porridge, chocolate muffin, salad and donut bobbed about in a sea of tea – clashing awkwardly with eachother like the housemates on the first night of Big Brother.

I wiped the sugary granules away from my mouth and reached for my handbag to reapply my lip gloss, only to find I’d forgotten to put it back in my bag. A search of the other bags, the car and my desk turned up some lip balm and panic stations were stood down.

It wasn’t until I was on the way to my mums I played back a little sketch of me packing my running bag the night before – the night where I discarded one pair of running leggins for another warmer pair in the wardrobe – the pair I never actually remember grabbing – the pair that were now missing from this bloody bag!

I stopped on the way to mums and dropped off the stair gate – hurray! Something I’d managed to remember! And went onto arrive at my mums earlier than expected with time for a cup of tea. Cameron had made bread rolls and was excited to have me sample my own bread roll. With calorie intake already smashing the boundaries of what I should have consumed over two days I hesitated, but wasn’t going to let him down – so I gorged the delicious bread roll down and made a vow that I’d put extra effort in on the run and start again tomorrow with a clean food slate.

Thankfully since Wil was meeting us at the leisure centre he was able to save the day once more by bringing my running leggings. Fortunately this favour didn’t come punctuated with another cake. However, by this time I’d noticed I was missing another bag. My handbag. On my rush to leave the office with a bag full of newspapers I’d been given (for the guinea pig hutch), my bag of running kit, Cams bag of swimming gear and another bag which I’d brought my packed lunch in – I couldn’t remember picking up my handbag. Had I taken it out of my drawer? Was it now sat on top of my desk for the cleaners to wander around later that night? Did I have any money in my purse? I couldn’t remember. Either way I wasn’t going out of my way to go back and check. So I called my mum to see if I’d left it there and she confirmed I hadn’t.

Somehow it all turned out ok – Cameron went swimming, I went running and my handbag was found in my desk drawer where I left it.

The lip gloss however, is still AWOL along with my organisational skills.

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