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T-Mobile Advert

I just saw this advert aired for the first time on tv tonight. Apparently this happened yesterday (Jan 15th) at Liverpool Street Station, London. Which, if you are not from around these parts is the major train station junction for most trainlines running into London from all over England. There are many videos on YouTube where passers by and people who were there catching their trains filmed it on their mobiles but this video is the actual advert touting T-Mobiles slogan ‘Life is for sharing”…  I think it’s genius!

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Not Too Late To Play Jingle Bells, Right?

Of course it isn’t – it’s about sleigh riding so it must be a winter song.

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I’m A Weapon Of Massive Consumption… It’s Not My Fault It’s How I’m Programmed To Function

I’m not keen on the video but I like the lyrics and the tune. Lilly Allen – The Fear

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He Shows Up….. Same Day Every Year

Cool tune – even cooler dancing!

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Head Conkers

Conkers are the stuff British Childhood used to be made of. Using the fallen nuts of Horse Chestnut trees or ‘conker trees’ we’d thread one onto a piece of string about a foot long and then, with your friend armed with his/her threaded conker you’d take turns. One of you would hold your conker at arms length dangling on the string whilst the other took a turn to smash it with his/her conker. You only took one hit whether you actually hit it or not and then it was the other persons turn. The loser was the person whose conker smashed first.

This evening Wil found a spare pulley for one of our ceiling fans laying in a box and with nothing better to do, started using Camerons head as a rival conker.

As previously seen in such stupidity as The Push Up Challenge, Wil Skipping and The Dry Cracker Challenge here’s Wil being a prat, Cameron taking the brunt of some sort of torture and me laughing and snorting my way through it all.

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Video From The Whole Hog Race

And I don’t doubt Marie will thank her son profusely for shouting “MY MUM’S BOOBS ARE JAGGLING ABOUT” right at the start… Probably about as much as she’ll thank me for drawing the internets attention to it on my blog!

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Just For Lindy

(And for anyone who doesn’t know what I’m on about – The Family, Channel 4) Read my last post.

Ok, this isn’t the best clip and it doesn’t feature Shitty Emily. However from this clip you can gauge the mothers full time miserable trout face and the way she talks to her husband here is the way she goes around whingeing and moaning ALL THE TIME to the rest of the family.

Now take this demeanor and whack it straight on a Shitty 19 year old and you’ll have Emily. The poutfaced, ungrateful, lying baby who throws tantrums like a 3 year old.

Unfortunately Channel 4 have only put vids up of The Family having a good time and being nice to eachother so finding the usual state of affairs isn’t possible.

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