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The girls are on Facebook and they have one mission in mind. To become the most popular birds on the net.

Go ahead, Friend them and make your Friends friend them.

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Dipsy Blonde

Airheadedness from my Tween-age kid over the last week:

Cam:  “These binoculars don’t zoom anything in, they just make it bigger”
Us: “What?…. That’s what they’re meant to do”
Cam: “No.. I mean all they do is make it look like you’re standing closer to the object”

Me: “Cam can you watch the water filling this container and stop it at the 8 litre mark please while I pop outside to hang the washing out please?”
Cam: “OK”
Me: “Seriously don’t leave it because it fills quicker than you’d think – EIGHT litres, yeah?”
Cam: “Yeah OK”
Me: (Returning from outside to find the container at 10 litres full and filling) “CAM?”
Cam: “What?”
Cam: “What water?”

Wil: “Cam, can you go and clean the Guinea Pigs out please”
Cam: “What Guinea Pigs?”
Wil: “The ones that have lived in a hutch in our garden for the last 4 years”

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Hand Dryer Mammogram

So that thing that happens – you’ve got more Gin in your glass than you realised and tip it up to sip just a little too far only to get the contents of the glass bypass your mouth, slide down either sides of your face and down your front.

Those superduper Dyson jet wind hand driers are notably crap for drying off your boobs in this situation.

Now you know.

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