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I’m A Weapon Of Massive Consumption… It’s Not My Fault It’s How I’m Programmed To Function

I’m not keen on the video but I like the lyrics and the tune. Lilly Allen – The Fear

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He Shows Up….. Same Day Every Year

Cool tune – even cooler dancing!

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Mr Scruff – The Music Takes Me Up

If you don’t own any Mr Scuff in your music collection then I’m questioning if it’s really a music collection. Yes, I am that opinionated. Anyone who can put such a great track to such a terribly awesome video is a winner in my book. I asked Cameron to watch it and his response?

“JESUS only 5p for melons?”

Mr Scruff ft. Alice Russell

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Songs You Will Find Yourself REPEATING

I’ve had 3 songs on rotation in my head for the past week. I only know small parts of each one and it is those tiny parts that appear to be stuck in my head playing over and over again like a scratched record. They are there when I go to bed and there when I wake.

Bryn Christopher – ‘Smilin’
(I keep repeating the chorus)

Flobots – ‘Handlebars’ –
(If this doesn’t get you repeating ‘I can ride my bike with no handlebars’ or ‘I can keep a rhythm with no metronome’ or ‘I can split the atom of a molcule’ then you’re not normal! Every time I’ve sung it in earshot of Wil he screams like I’ve just kicked him in the man-parts because he’s stuck singing it for hours again.

Rhianna – ‘Disturbia’ –
(the bit that goes ‘Buum bum be-dum bum bum be-dum bum’ And I don’t even like the Nasal Whine that is Rhianna!

It’s been a repeaty week, not just limited to songs. In between songs I’ve had the following words stuck in my head too:

Chondromalacia, Boutros Boutros Ghali and there was another that I’m too tired to think of now. Oddly it’s left my head for the first time in days.

Not to worry – I’ll soon remember when I wake up at 03:07am chanting it.

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Two From Vimeo

I found these two videos on Vimeo this morning and I wanted to share them.

The first is a recording of Weezer (by Dave Allen)  hosting an event in Portland, Oregon where they have invited loads of local musicians to play along with them. This is a video of them doing a cover of Radioheads ‘Creep’.  I’m biased anyway because I love both Weezer and Radiohead but even if you don’t you have to appreciate the awesomeness of being one of those people in the room with an instrument and it must give you goosebumps to watch it.

No? Then you have no SOUL.

The second is this stop motion clip created by Kirsten Lepore. It must have taken ages to put together but I think its brilliant and who doesn’t love the game of Guess Who anyway?!

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And THIS Is Why I’m A Working Mother

I’m off work for a couple of days during the school half term break to be with Cam only he’s reminded me this morning why doing this Mother/Son quality time DRIVES ME NUTS!

If repeated plays of this by your kid doesn’t make you reach up and tear your own ovaries off their branches I don’t know what will!

And to think all I had to be frustrated about today was Gordon Brown.

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