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Rock LobsterShortly after I met Wil I bought my first mountain bike. At the time I was into running and I was tallying up about 25 miles per week during a series of short runs every other day and one long one at the end of the week. When Wil came along he brought with him a sick obsessive passion for biking that he’d harbored for many years. Who the hell bikes anywhere for enjoyment? I thought. Who the hell runs for pleasure? he thought. Read the rest of this entry »


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So you decided to park your bike in my spot?

The new guy at work is a cyclist – somehow he thought it would be acceptable to park his rickety old bike in my cheeky bike parking spot down the hall in the office.

Does he not know WHO I AM?

(Clearly I’m the one with access to a colour printer and too much time on my hands)

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