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Rock LobsterShortly after I met Wil I bought my first mountain bike. At the time I was into running and I was tallying up about 25 miles per week during a series of short runs every other day and one long one at the end of the week. When Wil came along he brought with him a sick obsessive passion for biking that he’d harbored for many years. Who the hell bikes anywhere for enjoyment? I thought. Who the hell runs for pleasure? he thought. Read the rest of this entry »


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The Ride Home

Riding a scooter or a bike to work or anywhere really when you live in the country can often be such a liberating experience as you get to take on all the sights and smells that while driving a car, you’d waft right past without noticing.

Today I left my house and before I’d left the close I live on I’d breezed through a pocket of toast and coffee eminating from someones kitchen. In the cool shady part near the river the smell of lilacs and honeysuckle perfumed the air and half a mile beyond that the yellow flowers of the Rapeseed fields are forcing their last pungent kick into the air – not a smell I enjoy myself but it does tingle the senses.

Freshly cut grass lay in the road outside an old mans house as he waddled off with his strimmer and just past the garage the smell of petrol being warmed by the sun on the garage forecourt tainted the air.

The water leak in the road on the other side of the village made me think about the earthyness of the atmosphere after it’s been raining and down the little narrow lane leading to the main road that 3 week old dead badger reminded me to hold my breath when I go that way tomorrow!

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